NC Wine and Grape Month

A Proclamation was signed by Governor Cooper on Tuesday, August 29th to proclaim September as NC Wine and Grape Month.  Many people met at Childress Vineyards to kick off this month long celebration of NC wines and grapes.  So what does that mean for you? Well, a chance to make a point of visiting wineries in our state, both your favorites and someplace new.  To experience what all of us have to offer our state- keeping farms as farms, enhancing a crop (turning grapes into wine) and a lot of that is going on right now.  Tourism is also a large part of this adventure.

For us this is a busy time.  We watch our grapes, hoping they will not get too much rain, sometimes it works and sometimes not.  Michael, Lisa and Randy are also busy once the grapes are in.  Punching down the juice as it ferments and turns into wine.

The NC wine industry has been growing before our eyes over the years.  We are happy to see this exciting, often difficult (yet very rewarding wine industry) become an important part of our NC economy.  Thank you Governor Cooper for sharing in the excitement and supporting NC Wine and Grape Month.

So- enjoy your favorites this month, and every month.  Get out and help our NC wine industry grow and prosper.  Thank you!

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