Feb 09

What Launched the Ship

February 9, 2018 What has influenced you over the years?  Experiences can influence your future and at times you do not realize it.  In the winter of 1996 we knew we were heading to the South of France on our honeymoon that summer.  We would only drink wines from the South of France, to learn about the wines.  We knew very little about wine at that time.  In Nobles Restaurant in Winston-Salem they suggested a wine from Domaine Tempier which is near the town of Bandol.  Tasting that wine changed… Read More

Jan 26

Many Shoes

It is not always easy to do everything in the tasting room.  It takes teamwork and many pairs of hands and feet to make it work well.  This weekend is an event called Yadkin Winter Reds.  Wineries in our county get grouped together to each serve one red wine paired with a small dish.  Guests travel from winery to winery during the afternoon. Every event takes time to prepare and all here play a role. I am lucky to have a group of women here all with different strengths that… Read More

Jan 12

The Winemaker

January 12, 2018 Every winemaker has his or her own style.  It evolves over time but the palette tells him what tastes right and what will be.  Our winemaker, my husband Michael has often said that he knows he can’t get fired, so he experiments.  We like our red wines and Michael ages them, watching carefully over the barrels.  Sometimes these barrels will become the 1897, our reserve red, aged for almost 6 years.  Why do we do this?  Because we can, and we like the results. Over time as… Read More

Jan 05


January 5, 2018 All I can say is it’s cold out there!!  Guess it is cold almost everywhere right now.  The sky has been clear, and on Wednesday, late afternoon it was just beautiful although deceiving.  Winter is a time when the vineyard takes on a totally different look.  Many lines show the vines going up.  All the new growth from last year will be cut back, pruned, over the next few months.  Then it all grows back again, filling in the row with vines, green leaves and grapes.  Hard… Read More

Dec 29

Our Year

December 29, 2017 As this week comes to an end and the new year begins on Monday I like to reflect on the months gone by.  I know there are many things I will forget but I can start here. Last January 7th we had a beautiful wedding out here, we also had 8″of snow the night before.  Our farm looked beautiful as did the bride in a photo in the snow. In February we enjoyed an evening of dinner and dancing in The Studio.  It is fun for us… Read More