Nov 17


I am sitting in the Costco parking lot wth Pearl waiting for the door to open.  I am thinking about how different life is from a week ago. Travel, it is exciting.  I think about not always knowing “the way” and how that can be both scary and fun.  Meeting new people and sharing is what it is all about.  Learning about other cultures and how people do things, they may be different, but somehow they work. A group of us recently traveled to Bordeaux, France to head out on… Read More

Oct 25

Our Next Adventure

 October 27, 2017 As Paige and I sit here now we have had an unusually busy day for a weekday. Where has October gone? Waiting on our first frost, they say this weekend…bring the plants inside.  Just as the grapes have left the vine and the cycle for this year is at a rest, until we start pruning, we too begin our new cycle of research and grapes and wines we love, this time in Bordeaux.  Someone is not quite sure about this preparation time, she may need a visit… Read More

Oct 20

Fresh from the Garden

October 20, 2017 It is that time of year, cool mornings and evenings and nice sunny afternoons.  When Pearl and I arrived today we were walking around the remnants of my summer garden, amongst the weeds and morning glories.  I thought maybe I would find a tomato or a pepper, but I was pleasantly surprised!  My arms were full of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant!  These are the pleasures of a garden, especially this time of the year.  I think a Ratatouille will be the perfect side dish to go along… Read More

Oct 13


Friday October 13, 2017 What does Yoga have to do with wine?  Well, it does and it doesn’t.  I recently met Kim who is a local yoga instructor.  I asked her if she would like to come here and have classes.  We selected a date and 20 people came to enjoy yoga on the lawn near the farmhouse. Kim said- I believe that anybody in any body can practice yoga.  I think a yoga practice creates an aging gracefully environment for us which pairs well with your aged gracefully wine!… Read More

Oct 06

Vintage Tasting

October 6, 2017 If you are in the area please stop by tomorrow Saturday, October 7th for an informal vintage tasting of some of our older reds.  We like people to know that they can hold these wines back for some time, although this is difficult for many to do.  Tomorrow we will pour one bottle of our 2004 Michael’s Blend with some for sale as well as a 2010 Chambourcin, maybe another surprise or two also. Our first vintage was from 1999.  A few, very few sit at home…. Read More