Aug 18


August 18, 2017 This week has been busy but it is also one where I must reflect on the past.  Wednesday August 16th marked 10 years since my Dad passed away.  It is never an easy day, and there have been many hard days over the years. I remember when my parents came to visit the farm.  As we walked the vineyard my Dad looked at Michael, pointed to a row and asked him how many bottles of wine we could make from that row, and how many rows did… Read More

Aug 11


August 11, 2017 1897 is unique- a full expression of Hanover Park and the Yadkin Valley.  Aged in older oak for 52 months this wine has a very deep color and an earthy aroma.  1897 is a seriously complex and well balanced red wine.  Its rich and fruity taste gives way to smoothness with subtle tannins.  The long finish is an echo of its first taste.  This is a wine you can have a conversation with. 1897 is the year our farmhouse was built.  This wine deals with place, our… Read More

Aug 04

Who is Hanover Park?

August 4, 2017 They say you can’t be all things to all people and we don’t try to be. We do try to make good wine, create a comfortable place to relax and visit with family and friends. We like the idea of people gathering to talk, to carry on a conversation. Years ago, a good friend and I were discussing branding. What is it about a place, what do people think about when they hear Hanover Park? He said, Hanover Park, it is not for everyone. We are small,… Read More

Jul 28

Our Little Family

Friday, July 28, 2017 It is hard to believe July is almost over.  My little family of Michael and Pearl, we all have summer birthdays.  A time to reflect on the past and think about our future.  We all have many families, the ones we live with, the ones we are born into and the families we choose to have along the way. We know our Hanover Park family means so much to us.  They come to visit, share about life, a little wine, a little food.  When certain people… Read More

Jul 21


July 21, 2017 This is a wedding weekend at Hanover Park.  The Studio has been transformed once again and it looks beautiful.  Every bride comes in and creates their vision for the space and the feeling they want for their special day. The Studio was always at the end of our property.  Our neighbor asked us if we wanted to buy the building.  We decided to go for it, cleaned out the many earlier lives of the building, added new windows, and heat and air- which works very well, even… Read More