Jun 23

Cab 3.2.1

Time to talk about wine.  We just released a Cabernet Sauvignon from wine that has been aging since 2012 in older oak barrels.  These vines were planted in 1998, our second planting. On New Years Day we open only in the winery.  It is a time to share Michael’s world with everyone.  We had a good sized crowd and a few asked when he was going to make a straight Cab, so off they went to the barrels to create.  These were numbered and everyone tasted from each and then… Read More

Jun 16

The View

We all see certain things every day, whether it is the view out the front door or the view while at work.  These are two of my constant views.  The other day while closing up the tasting room the light was coming in at Pearl’s perch.  Deborah’s Barn was my view as it is almost every day.  That building is probably older than our farmhouse which was built in 1897. I remember that area full of weeds and brush.  I see people enjoying a picnic under the oaks with a… Read More

Jun 09

Grapes and Wine

    Isn’t that what this is all about?  It all starts in the vineyard and right now the vineyard is really growing.  Hard to believe in just a short time these grapes will grow larger, change color and be harvested.  This will occur a little over three months from now.  This part of the process is just the start. The red grapes growing now in 2017 will not be in the bottle before 2020.  They will age in barrels in the winery, checked and tasted to see how they… Read More

Jun 02

Our American Wine Story

Last night we went to the movies.  We were asked to talk about our experiences owning a winery before and after the film.  “An American Wine Story” hit many buttons for both of us.  Words like passion, feeling compelled to do this- you just had to. What was that moment when you knew you had to? We poured Viognier and Mourvedre before the show.  These are the wines that were such an influence upon us.  We talked to friends and wine club members and people we did not know.  It… Read More

May 26

The Storm

This past Wednesday was a very unusual day.  A tornado came through our small community of Courtney.  The vineyard and winery are one mile from the Courtney Elementary School where the roof to the gym is gone.  Many in this community grew up in that gym.  Trees are down a mile away, many trees along Courtney-Huntsville Road.  Photos on the news have shown this area where homes are gone and people are finding items miles away.  The photo below is what is left of the gym. We were VERY LUCKY!… Read More