just another Friday

It has been a busy day at the farm today.  We created an area for some of our vintage reds to be on display and for sale.  We have enjoyed hearing from people who have opened a 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon, a 2004 Michael’s Blend, a 2006 1897 or many other wines and vintages from the past with the usual comment-it is delicious!  Wines that have been aged are so special.  They remind us of the time they were created as well as the occasion when opened.  Sometimes a nice dinner after a busy day is the perfect time to share that bottle.

Today was the day to add the wax top to our Vin D’Orange.  It is not difficult, you just need to get the correct hand motion going.  Every one is unique and knowing what is inside makes it even more special.  This may be the perfect evening for a vintage red and a small glass of Vin D’Orange.


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