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While talking with Paige this morning on my way out to the farm I was thinking about the Friday blog and what would I talk about.  The past two weeks have been busy, with many people around.  Paige started talking about her thoughts on Hanover Park lately.  This is what she sent to me…

“We enjoyed our very busy anniversary celebration last week.  Our winery is so much more than farming, making wine, and number of cases sold.  It is hospitality without pretension.  It is discovery without intimidation.  It is greeting old friends who feel like family and then meeting new friends who become part of our present and future.  Hanover Park’s old farmhouse has seen many comings and goings over its 120 years and we are so happy to have added our touch to its history.  Seventeen years of sharing our wines with others- what a wonderful legacy.”

“This is how I feel about being a part of HP. ”

Paige has been helping us for over 10 years now.  It is hard to picture this place without her.  I remember when she first starting helping us with that true southern welcome in her voice.



  1. Caroline

    I love that old photo! So cool to imagine the history within the house and what it was like to actually live there.

  2. Deirdre Parker Smith

    Excellent post, Paige and Amy. You have explained why we all want to come visit.

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