VinExpo New York

March 9, 2018

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to spend two days at VinExpo New York. This wine trade show showcased wines from around the world and the United States.  Some were very large producers as well as smaller family vineyards who were looking for representation in the US.  There were master classes with tasting seminars, as well as discussion groups about important issues in our industry. I was able to attend a seminar on Bordeaux wines and two on wines from the Rhone Valley, both North and South.  Being able to compare two wines from the same region was very interesting and shows how different they can be. There were wineries from Austria, Moldova, Chile, Argentina, New York State, Spain and of course France and Italy and the US.  Having the opportunity to taste wines you do not usually taste in the United States was special.

It was also a time to meet writers and bloggers who enjoy wines the way we do.  One couple, who write about the wines of Provence, happened to be in line with me before a tasting.  I follow their blog and explained to them how Michael and I started.  We talked a bit during the show and photos were taken after the tasting. Of course many did not know we made wine in North Carolina and asked about the grapes we grew.   Any time you can share and learn with others about wine is rewarding and special.

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