I am sitting in the Costco parking lot wth Pearl waiting for the door to open.  I am thinking about how different life is from a week ago.

Travel, it is exciting.  I think about not always knowing “the way” and how that can be both scary and fun.  Meeting new people and sharing is what it is all about.  Learning about other cultures and how people do things, they may be different, but somehow they work.

A group of us recently traveled to Bordeaux, France to head out on a river cruise.  We experienced great hospitality, wonderful food, and of course great wines.  Somehow we communicated with others who knew very little English and we a bit of French.


We learned to dine slowly, to take in the views and savor everything.

To slow down is nice.  Michael and I explored during the second week of our adventure.  We stayed in the countryside with David and Alain who were wonderful hosts. We visited a french doctor.  We never locked our door.  We then rented an apartment back in Bordeaux.  Loved the contrast and the accessibility of the city.  It was the perfect mix.  We had two wonderful lunches which were beautiful as well as delicious.

We are home now. We see our vineyard and taste our wines, not too bad.  Merci.

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