The View

We all see certain things every day, whether it is the view out the front door or the view while at work.  These are two of my constant views.  The other day while closing up the tasting room the light was coming in at Pearl’s perch.  Deborah’s Barn was my view as it is almost every day.  That building is probably older than our farmhouse which was built in 1897. I remember that area full of weeds and brush.  I see people enjoying a picnic under the oaks with a bottle of Michael’s or Pearl or…  People often see Pearl inside looking at them, that is her view.

When I leave the farm at the end of my day I see the back vineyard in my rearview mirror.  One day I just needed to take that photo.  The grapes were busy maturing so we could turn it into wine for all of us to enjoy. We know it takes time and patience for those reds to be ready, we can wait, it will be worth it!

What is your view?  Do not take it for granted.  

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