The Tasting Room

People pull up to this old farmhouse and are not sure what to expect.  The front door opens and you are greeted- hey, hi, how are you doing?  There is that first time, you only get it once.  Hospitality is the word, the feeling of comfort and being welcomed, and a place to feel at home.

And then there is the wine.  Do you like dry or sweet?  If you are given the look as though they are not sure, then it is probably not a dry wine they are looking for.  Sometimes we are the first winery our visitors have ever been to, other times they are travelers from around the world or regulars who come to sit and visit and enjoy.

We meet so many different people which is always so much fun and very interesting.  We try to do a little teaching about wine, can’t help but do that, how it is made, variations in taste and style.  We are influenced by our love of wines from the South of France, they have changed our life.  This is a style of wine we favor, these are grapes we are excited to grow here in North Carolina.  A tasting should be fun, an experience that stays with you.  Now you need to think about what wine to pair with dinner tonight…..

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