The Honeymoon

Spending almost a month in the South of France in 1996 changed our lives.  We were on our honeymoon and little did we know the influence those weeks would have on the rest of our lives.

We always enjoy a chance to return; to learn about wine, to enjoy wine, to eat wonderful meals often hours long, and to just be.  All of these experiences in France- the wine, the food, the culture have influenced our lives at home and at the farm.  People see that and feel that in our tasting room and in our wines.  Last November we had the opportunity to share our love of the South of France with some of our wine club members and friends.  I was approached by a travel agent who asked “Would you like to take a group on a river cruise in France?” Mmm. The tour was planned and 51 of us headed to France for a week of fun, exploration, friendship and yes, wine.

To share this time in our favorite part of France with our wine club members was very special for us.

And yes, we plan on going again.

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