The Front Porch

Yesterday I was sitting on the front porch enjoying the beautiful afternoon.  The young man here with his wife and dog and glass of wine just said how much he likes this place and how good it feels.  I told him I see all the work to be done.  He said that is why it is so good, it is real.

Planting flowers and vegetables and getting ready for the season to be is always fun and rewarding.  This is what goes on here right now, along with the new growth in the vineyard and a soon-to-be bottled Cabernet which was created by some of you New Years Day.  The weather is still cool in the morning, but getting hot as the afternoon sun heats up the vineyard.

This porch is and has been one of my favorite places to sit and reflect and enjoy- coffee and wine depending upon the time of day.  The old glider probably has many stories to tell.  These rockers have heard marriage proposals and seen weddings.  Some folks come and must sit on the porch with their bottle of Michael’s Blend.  That is their place and we think that is fine.

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