The Farm

That is what we have always called this place.  Michael would say he is heading to the farm.  “The farm” became ours on December 18, 1996.  So many of you know our story, some do not.  I will give the quick version…

Two art teachers met at the state conference in 1994 in Winston-Salem, NC.  We knew this was something special.  We were married in 1996 and a honeymoon in the South of France that summer changed our lives forever.  It is one thing to enjoy roaming through the countryside in France with fresh baguette, cheese and wine, it is another thing to really act on it.  We returned home and after enjoying drives in the country, Michael found it.

We found an old deserted farm about 20 minutes from our home and the rest is history.  Hard work, friendships made and the creation of something that was not known around here.  We bought this land in Yadkin County, NC.  This old farm needed to come back to life.  This was a dry county and we were the first vineyard, in the small community of Courtney.  We knew we were not from around here but we also had a dream.


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