Our Little Family

Friday, July 28, 2017

It is hard to believe July is almost over.  My little family of Michael and Pearl, we all have summer birthdays.  A time to reflect on the past and think about our future.  We all have many families, the ones we live with, the ones we are born into and the families we choose to have along the way.

We know our Hanover Park family means so much to us.  They come to visit, share about life, a little wine, a little food.  When certain people walk in we know what bottle of wine to open, sometimes we are asked how we know that??  Some members of this family we have known for many years, some are new to the family but they feel like they have been here forever.  We know this is a business but we feel that so many of you are a part of Hanover Park.  Whether you have helped at festivals, harvest, gardening, in the winery, in the tasting room it all makes a difference here.  We have traveled together to see another culture and of course to break bread and drink wine together.  We enjoy the atmosphere here and we hope that if you have not been here yet you will stop by and taste and enjoy.  Every day we get new folks who ask us if we are new and how long we have been here.  Over 20 years, open 17 years.

We look forward to having Pearl celebrate her 10th birthday on July 31st.  On the 30th she will have a party in the back room at 2pm.  There was a time we did not think she would be with us for this day, they were wrong.

Come by for a visit soon!


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