Our American Wine Story

Last night we went to the movies.  We were asked to talk about our experiences owning a winery before and after the film.  “An American Wine Story” hit many buttons for both of us.  Words like passion, feeling compelled to do this- you just had to. What was that moment when you knew you had to?

We poured Viognier and Mourvedre before the show.  These are the wines that were such an influence upon us.  We talked to friends and wine club members and people we did not know.  It was so nice to see so many share in this evening with us.

The movie was moving for us.  Can others really understand what we have done here?  We know it changed our lives in so many ways.  As said in the movie, it involves so many things: growing grapes, making wine and selling wine.  Everyone’s story is different.  What possesses someone to dive in and do something so very unconventional, to start a winery?

I guess if we had thought about it for a long time this never would have happened.  All of this started after a honeymoon in the south of France.  The stories we could tell…..

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