Apr 14

The Front Porch

Yesterday I was sitting on the front porch enjoying the beautiful afternoon.  The young man here with his wife and dog and glass of wine just said how much he likes this place and how good it feels.  I told him I see all the work to be done.  He said that is why it is so good, it is real. Planting flowers and vegetables and getting ready for the season to be is always fun and rewarding.  This is what goes on here right now, along with the new… Read More

Apr 07


Earlier today we had a visitor from Bordeaux in France.  Jean came last year to meet with Michael and to talk about barrels, French Oak Barrels.  We bought a few and Jean came to taste the wine today and see how it was maturing in those barrels.  The wood comes from different forests in France.  Each barrel will have its own characteristics which will then be reflected in the wines created.  We tasted our 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon this morning which went into these barrels in the middle of October last… Read More

Mar 31

just another Friday

It has been a busy day at the farm today.  We created an area for some of our vintage reds to be on display and for sale.  We have enjoyed hearing from people who have opened a 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon, a 2004 Michael’s Blend, a 2006 1897 or many other wines and vintages from the past with the usual comment-it is delicious!  Wines that have been aged are so special.  They remind us of the time they were created as well as the occasion when opened.  Sometimes a nice dinner… Read More

Mar 24


  As we await bud break we look at this time as here we go again.  Our winter weather has been so up and down we are not sure what to expect.  People will always ask us when is bud break?  Michael’s comment is March 28th around 3:30 in the afternoon.   We shall see how close he is this year.  Our first vines were planted in 1997 with an acre each of Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc.  What an adventure we had begun!  We watched these vines carefully as some… Read More

Mar 17

The Honeymoon

Spending almost a month in the South of France in 1996 changed our lives.  We were on our honeymoon and little did we know the influence those weeks would have on the rest of our lives. We always enjoy a chance to return; to learn about wine, to enjoy wine, to eat wonderful meals often hours long, and to just be.  All of these experiences in France- the wine, the food, the culture have influenced our lives at home and at the farm.  People see that and feel that in… Read More