May 12

The Tasting Room

People pull up to this old farmhouse and are not sure what to expect.  The front door opens and you are greeted- hey, hi, how are you doing?  There is that first time, you only get it once.  Hospitality is the word, the feeling of comfort and being welcomed, and a place to feel at home. And then there is the wine.  Do you like dry or sweet?  If you are given the look as though they are not sure, then it is probably not a dry wine they are… Read More

May 05

Sharing Wine with Friends

What is it about opening a bottle of wine and sharing it with friends?  The toast, usually for something good, a special event, something from our past, something for the future. Recently visiting with friends we enjoyed a little Pearl on the porch and some 1897 with our dinner.  Sitting around the table we shared stories and adventures, recipes and memories. It is times like these which are special in our lives. There have been many times over the years where we make a toast, sometimes the occasion is special,… Read More

Apr 21

Wine and Glass

We love our red wine and enjoy drinking it out of a nice glass.  We have learned so much about wine over the years, when to pair it with certain foods and when to just sit and enjoy.  We often say we are not wine snobs but wine glass snobs.  Yes, they do make a difference, and yes it is so much fun to do the testing. We recently bottled our new vintage of Mourvedre.  Michael brought home a bottle, I prepared lamb and took out the Riedel Old World… Read More

Apr 14

The Front Porch

Yesterday I was sitting on the front porch enjoying the beautiful afternoon.  The young man here with his wife and dog and glass of wine just said how much he likes this place and how good it feels.  I told him I see all the work to be done.  He said that is why it is so good, it is real. Planting flowers and vegetables and getting ready for the season to be is always fun and rewarding.  This is what goes on here right now, along with the new… Read More

Apr 07


Earlier today we had a visitor from Bordeaux in France.  Jean came last year to meet with Michael and to talk about barrels, French Oak Barrels.  We bought a few and Jean came to taste the wine today and see how it was maturing in those barrels.  The wood comes from different forests in France.  Each barrel will have its own characteristics which will then be reflected in the wines created.  We tasted our 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon this morning which went into these barrels in the middle of October last… Read More