Jan 05


January 5, 2018 All I can say is it’s cold out there!!  Guess it is cold almost everywhere right now.  The sky has been clear, and on Wednesday, late afternoon it was just beautiful although deceiving.  Winter is a time when the vineyard takes on a totally different look.  Many lines show the vines going up.  All the new growth from last year will be cut back, pruned, over the next few months.  Then it all grows back again, filling in the row with vines, green leaves and grapes.  Hard… Read More

Dec 29

Our Year

December 29, 2017 As this week comes to an end and the new year begins on Monday I like to reflect on the months gone by.  I know there are many things I will forget but I can start here. Last January 7th we had a beautiful wedding out here, we also had 8″of snow the night before.  Our farm looked beautiful as did the bride in a photo in the snow. In February we enjoyed an evening of dinner and dancing in The Studio.  It is fun for us… Read More

Dec 15


December 15, 2017 I started this weekly (most of the time) post on a Friday this past March.  It had been something I had wanted to do.  To share what it is like to live a life that is a bit different.  We deal with Mother Nature, the vineyard, making wine and selling wine. And yes, we have a wonderful space for weddings and parties. There are so many other “jobs” we have here that are not on a job description. There are so many ways to run a business…. Read More

Dec 08

Wine Club

Many wineries start a wine club. There are all different ways that a club is created.  As a small winery we wanted to be able to share our wines at a discount with others.  Little did we know what we had started in late 2003.  Last Friday evening we hosted our annual Club Holiday Party. It is our way to say thank you to so many who have supported us over the years. This year we had a very big crowd- wine, dinner, wine and conversation. We acknowledged many who… Read More

Nov 17


I am sitting in the Costco parking lot wth Pearl waiting for the door to open.  I am thinking about how different life is from a week ago. Travel, it is exciting.  I think about not always knowing “the way” and how that can be both scary and fun.  Meeting new people and sharing is what it is all about.  Learning about other cultures and how people do things, they may be different, but somehow they work. A group of us recently traveled to Bordeaux, France to head out on… Read More