Jul 14

France and Remembering

Today is Bastille Day, a day I don’t usually think about very much.  I do think about how France and our travels there over the years have truly changed and influenced our lives. The story always begins with… we went on our honeymoon to the South of France.  We rented a very small car in Nice, it could hold our 2 suitcases and a case box in the back.  We had our first and our last reservation and went to explore where some of our favorite painters painted.  If we… Read More

Jul 07

Conversations and Thoughts

While talking with Paige this morning on my way out to the farm I was thinking about the Friday blog and what would I talk about.  The past two weeks have been busy, with many people around.  Paige started talking about her thoughts on Hanover Park lately.  This is what she sent to me… “We enjoyed our very busy anniversary celebration last week.  Our winery is so much more than farming, making wine, and number of cases sold.  It is hospitality without pretension.  It is discovery without intimidation.  It is… Read More

Jun 30

Almost 17

July 1st marks 17 years since we opened our tasting room.  December 18, 1996 is the day we “bought the farm”.  We remember wondering, would anyone come ?  At that time there were only 10 wineries in the state of North Carolina, very different then.  We did everything in the farmhouse, make wine and sell wine.  We were the first winery in Yadkin County.   I do remember on that first day a couple coming in.  They asked what type of wines did we do?  Basically dry, I replied and… Read More

Jun 23

Cab 3.2.1

Time to talk about wine.  We just released a Cabernet Sauvignon from wine that has been aging since 2012 in older oak barrels.  These vines were planted in 1998, our second planting. On New Years Day we open only in the winery.  It is a time to share Michael’s world with everyone.  We had a good sized crowd and a few asked when he was going to make a straight Cab, so off they went to the barrels to create.  These were numbered and everyone tasted from each and then… Read More

Jun 16

The View

We all see certain things every day, whether it is the view out the front door or the view while at work.  These are two of my constant views.  The other day while closing up the tasting room the light was coming in at Pearl’s perch.  Deborah’s Barn was my view as it is almost every day.  That building is probably older than our farmhouse which was built in 1897. I remember that area full of weeds and brush.  I see people enjoying a picnic under the oaks with a… Read More