Oct 13


Friday October 13, 2017 What does Yoga have to do with wine?  Well, it does and it doesn’t.  I recently met Kim who is a local yoga instructor.  I asked her if she would like to come here and have classes.  We selected a date and 20 people came to enjoy yoga on the lawn near the farmhouse. Kim said- I believe that anybody in any body can practice yoga.  I think a yoga practice creates an aging gracefully environment for us which pairs well with your aged gracefully wine!… Read More

Oct 06

Vintage Tasting

October 6, 2017 If you are in the area please stop by tomorrow Saturday, October 7th for an informal vintage tasting of some of our older reds.  We like people to know that they can hold these wines back for some time, although this is difficult for many to do.  Tomorrow we will pour one bottle of our 2004 Michael’s Blend with some for sale as well as a 2010 Chambourcin, maybe another surprise or two also. Our first vintage was from 1999.  A few, very few sit at home…. Read More

Sep 29


September 29, 2017 When a special wine is in the barrels you know it.  You hope it will stay that way; sometimes yes and sometimes…  Provencia is one such wine.  Our wine club members will be the first to taste this new wine. We  have had a wine club for many years.  Some have been members for over 12 years. That means this group has been picking up two bottles of wine every other month, usually a red and a white.  We think of these people as a special group…. Read More

Sep 22

Just come for a Visit

September 22, 2017 There does not need to be an event to come for a visit, to sit in the tasting room or under the oaks with a picnic and a bottle of wine.  It does take the willingness to have a conversation with others, or to just sit and relax and enjoy this beautiful time of the year.  Of course, if you want to bring your guitar you are welcome to do so, if you want to sing, you can do that too.  We have always felt that when… Read More

Sep 15

Florida Refugees and Other Things

  September 15, 2017 On Wednesday afternoon two couples came in.  They said they were Florida refugees from Irma.  They chose Winston-Salem to stay for a few days as they had had a hard time finding a place.  They were pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoyed our town.  They did not realize we had wine in North Carolina and how nice everyone was around here.  We enjoyed our visit with these folks, our Florida refugees. It is always interesting what brings people to us.  This week it was the… Read More