Earlier today we had a visitor from Bordeaux in France.  Jean came last year to meet with Michael and to talk about barrels, French Oak Barrels.  We bought a few and Jean came to taste the wine today and see how it was maturing in those barrels.  The wood comes from different forests in France.  Each barrel will have its own characteristics which will then be reflected in the wines created.  We tasted our 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon this morning which went into these barrels in the middle of October last year.  The taste was nice, but we all knew it was young and would be in this  barrel for some time to come.  Hard to say how long; I think that is the mystery and wonder of making wine.  It usually tells us when it is time, when the flavors and aromas seem right.

We will be in Bordeaux in November and look forward to visiting with Jean at the cooperage where the barrels are made.

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